What to do in Phuket

Enjoying the sun..

Party because it’s fun..

Sunbathing your bun(s)..

A lot of munch..


And here’s my highlight of Phuket when I went there in February


Renting a motorbike in Phuket was like 250 THB per day with my passport on-hold. I wasn’t comfortable with that actually but I was sort of money and people do that all the time (I think) so it should be fine. Riding Honda Scoopy was cute, I shouldn’t complain.

February was the perfect weather to visit Phuket since the temperature isn’t too high, still sunny, barely raining but we could get cool breeze as well.

What I like and enjoy the most about Phuket and generally Thailand is their food. Who’s agree with me?! You definitely need to visit their night market because that’s the perfect place for trying different food in one place.

I tried this crispy shredded catfish, ate with spicy fish sauce and lettuce (I forgot what’s the name), but it’s GOOD! I tried another sweet snack like cotton candy, eat with kinda pancake/crepes.

Unfortunately, since I’m solo traveling, I couldn’t buy much stuff and eat it by myself. But also lucky me, when I sit to enjoy my meal, I sit next to a Thai girl, who wants to share her meal. She was from Bangkok on her weekend holiday in Phuket, and the food was kinda fried noodles with pieces of taro. It’s YUM.

Since I’m not a party girl, I didn’t do any moon party lol. I might try that if I was with friends who like to go. Or going to one of that daily Thai boxing competition. Seems fantastic.