autumn, alfred nicholas garden melbourn, autumn in melbourne

Gloomy Autumn in Alfred Nicholas Gardens

There was a time that I had my own car. It was a blue Nissan X-Trail. It broke down after 2 weeks I had it. Sad story but I won’t talk about that much now.

I didn’t have a chance to give it a name. Let’s just call him blue.

Me and blue was heading to Yarra Ranges, with 1 other friend, Farid. After 1 hour driving through the highway from Melbourne, we arrived in Alfred Nicholas Garden in Dandenong Ranges. It was pretty empty since it was midweek when we went.

A  picture from Visit Melbourne from that garden was inviting us, for that specific season. Autumn.

Everything is either red or yellow. Warm and mellow.

Even along the way to go to the park, the view was showing that specific feeling. Warm and mellow.

We parked Blue then took a walk around the park. No parking fee, no admission fee. Hell yeah.

We went straight to the pool, with a tiny house in the middle of it. I can’t imagine if it was packed with people there with the slippery and narrow paths. It took a while for me to get this picture.

autumn, alfred nicholas garden melbourn, autumn in melbourne
A spooky yet pretty tiny lake house

The park has more to offer. When we walked furthermore, we found this big yellow tree which was apparently a Ginko tree, with its fallen leaves on the ground. So pretty and I can’t stop admiring its beauty. We decided to take some pictures on the ground.

autumn, yellow autumn, ginko leaves
Farid laying on the jumble of Ginko leaves
Autumn colors
Autumn breeze

There is a big barn next to the entrance of the park but turn out, it’s a part of a cafe.

barn, unique cafe,
Piggery cafe shed


Pandangan Pertama – Melbourne

Mata yang tak lepas memandang

Gedung yang megah menjulang

Jalanan yang ramai orang






Suara tram melintas

Bahasa tak terbatas

Wajah sedikit cemas


Menyimpan rasa

Mewujudkan imajinasi

Menuai rindu


Ketika brunch menjemput

Wangi kopi ada di setiap sudut

Smashed avocado selalu menyambut




How’s it going, Melbourne?



Strolling Around Cikini

Baru-baru ini ikut kelas Akademi Berbagi, yang temanya Street Photography. Kebetulan, tempat kelasnya ada di Cikini. Nah kalo di Cikini ini, bangunan dengan facade dan beberapa di antaranya dengan interior bangunan lama, menarik banget buat jadi objek foto. Di trotoar sederetan kantor pos Cikini, pun jadi media mural.

Trotoar Cikini

Trotoar Cikini



Workplace Cikini

Loteng Cikini


Pas banget kalo sore-sore jalan-jalan di sekitar sini. Abis cape jalan-jalan, bisa kulineran ato nongkrong di kafe.